Freedom balm is usually for beards and facial hair that can be a bit gnarly and unruly. Freedom balm is butter based (Mango) and wax based, with natural oils included as well, which makes it more dense. You will be able to sculpt and tame your beard or facial hair with Freedom balm.  Your beard or facial hair will still get the nourishment, conditioning, and the amazing smell you get with Cincy Beard Oil. It really comes down to personal preference! This Balm has it all, Cedarwood, Lemon and Tea Tree.  Its a great mixture and is our most popular selling balm.

Comes in a 2oz tin.

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A manly twist.  Mixed with Cedar Wood, Lemon and Tea Tree.


    1. Beeswax
    2. Mango Butter
    3. Apricot Carrier Oil
    4. Almond Carrier Oil
    5. Cedarwood Essential Oil
    6. Lemon Essential Oil
    7. Tea Tree Essential Oil


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